Monday, July 23, 2012

Kazakh & Different Cuisines

I never knew that I would end up tasting different cuisines when I headed for the #ibmcsc Kazakhstan.

On the 1st day in Astana, I went for a stroll along the river Ishium and had the lunch in a Japanese fast food restaurant. This is where we ordered Chicken with all actions. :-D

The next day, it was in KFC in the Khan Shatyr mall - Didn't expect KFC in Astana for that matter.

The dinner was in a Tiffilies - Georgian Restaurant - I loved the food here. Very tasty and also it was entertaining. I could see everyone dancing for almost all the songs. Should definitely make a trip once again there

On the third day, we had our lunch in a German Restaurant - Muller - I could never forget this hotel. I was given half of the chicken for lunch :-(

Dinner was at a restaurant in the Central park fair - Typical Kazakh resturant - where I shared Pizza with Brad

Fourth Day, we had our dinner at Americano Grill Restaurant - Chicken and Vegetables is what I ordered for

This is when me and my Indian Colleagues wanted to see if there was any Indian restaurant nearby. To our surprise, we did find one - India Gate which was run by Nandha, typical South Indian and also from Salem (My Home town). So, Fifth day dinner was at the India Gate

On the seventh day, we tried the Turkish restaurant where I had a nice salad and Pizza - Well, the pizza was made from a different flour tasted very fresh - Look at the length of the Pizza people. :-D

Eight day, we tried a Russian restaurant near our hotel - This is going to be one of my favorite Mushroom dishes - Mushroom Julienne :-)


Snowdrop said...

wow.. so many cuisines!! So much of food!! lovely :D

Unknown said...

Good experience for you saranya. Enjoy!