Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mentoring Session

Today, our #ibmcsc Kazakhstan team had a mentoring session with the students of Nazarbayev University. Nazarbayev University has an established partnership with University College London (UCL), University of Wisconsin-Madison. Having said about the college, as a part of CSC activity, our CDS organizer Ainura and Alma from USAID planned for a mentoring session for the University students in the National Library, Astana

Divya from our team took up the responsibility to organize this activity. We all expected that about 30 students would come for this event but since there were exams, few students didn't turn up. Our session started at 9:30 AM with IBM's introduction using the IBM Centennial video. I think this would be the 50th time atleast I am watching this video but still I got goosebumps. The mere thought that I am a IBMer makes me feel proud. :-) This emotion was shared across the room. After this, we had introduction to each country by the IBMers. Divya also asked the students if they had any key points to be addressed which was written down on the whiteboard. Chester anchored the discussion on the Challenges faced by IBMers where we expressed the different challenges like time difference, language, etc. Divya also aired a video about the importance of pronunciation is what I would say. 

We had discussion about IT systems, Career path in IBM, Finance & Accounting, Project Management, HR related stuffs and about what IBM is doing Astana as a part of CSC. So, having covered all the Objectives that were planned we ended the session with group photo :-)

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