Thursday, December 23, 2010

Run for your life!

Most of you know the Flight accident that I escaped from.. Here is my story about it.

My flight was from Chennai to Madurai scheduled at 3:10 PM on 6th Dec. It was day 3 of continuous rain in Chennai. I started at around 1 PM from my home having the traffic in mind. But I reached the airport in 15 mins and went for the check in. This is where I was informed that the flight is 2 hours late and it is rescheduled at 5:00 PM. So, I started working from airport and somehow killed the time as the flight was again rescheduled at 5:30. One of my Colleague asked me to assemble near the gate at 5:00 completing the security check. So, we were 6 people from IBM who were going to board the flight.

Finally at 6:10 PM, we were called to board the flight. I was sitting near my colleague Saravanan and even though this was not my first flight experience, I was tensed because of the climate. My colleague was scaring me on top of it. :-( The flight started to move slowly and finally took off in the bad climate and I was somehow relaxed. We were sitting near the left wing and we could see both the propeller from our seat. Saravanan was pointing that one was not rotating at all. I thought he was trying to scare me and explained him that since it is dark and blah blah, we are not able to see it rotating.

This is where the pilot says that we are going to land back in Chennai due to and off he goes.. Everyone was dumb-struck and I was even more scared. (Saravanan later told me that I was very pale till the flight landed) So, the flight turned around and was landed. The flight ran for half a km on grass and then only on the runway. When the flight stopped, everyone was smiling and started clapping that we are safe. Here comes the next shock.. We were asked to evacuate and jump from the flight leaving our bags in the flight itself. One guy jumped and his mobile and coins fell from his pocket and he was searching for it in the dark. :D :D :D

Kudos to the pilot, he managed to stop near the airport's fire station. Only after jumping we noticed that everything was kept ready, the fire engine, ambulance and security persons and all. People were hurt during the jump and few were shocked and they were immediately given the first aid.

We were later told that the flight was rescheduled from the original time because of technical reasons only and the technicians thought that problem was solved and gave a green signal to take off. Since one of the propeller was not rotating caused fire sparks and the rain stopped its aggravation. Thanks to the rain. :) :)

We were taken back to the airport where we got tickets for the next flight to Madurai the next morning and given accommodation.