Friday, October 29, 2010

(500) Days of Summer - A Review

Its really good to be back watching movies. Its been ages I watched movies continuously and my list of movies to be seen has been increasing ever since. So, I started with 500(Days of Summer). One friend of mine told me it was a good movie and I asked to see it.

When I heard the movie name, I assumed that the movie will be kind of a guy and a gal who gets to meet during a summer when they are out on vacation and end up meeting every summer and the story is about how they got married after 500 summer days. I know you should be laughing now at my insane assumption. :D :D Only after I started watching the movie, I knew that the Female lead's name is Summer.

The movie starts with the leads sitting on a bench somewhere in a park kind of a place on the Day 488. The girl(Summer) is wearing a wedding ring and they both seem like they have got married recently. The Narrator says that "this is story of boy meets girl". The scene shifts to Day 1 where it all begins. For Tom, it is love at the first sight when Summer(Boss's new assistant) walks into the greeting card Company where he works. He knows that she is the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. But Summer does not believe in relationships or love. She does not want to be somebody's girlfriend. The movie revolves around these two characters and there is one important character in the movie - Tom's adolescent sister - Rachel who helps him when he is in need of it.

The movie shows different days within the 500-day span switching between when Tom and Summer are on and off the relationship. The movie doesn't show the back to back days but picks up a random day. The movie somehow makes us believe that they will end up getting married but the movie takes us otherwise. The Park bench from where the movie starts is the favorite place for Tom. Summer has started growing distant from Tom and on 290th day, Summer break up with Tom in a restaurant. Tom gets too depressed even though his friends and his sister tried to console him. Summer quits the company and Tom's depression has made him to be moved to the Sympathy section. They get to meet up each other once again at a co-worker's wedding. They dance and talk, Summers ends up sleeping on his shoulder during the train journey back also. Summer also invites him to a party at her apartment.

Tom goes to the party thinking that he will win her once again and that is when he sees her showing her engagement ring to one of her friend. He becomes more depresses and only leaves his apartment to purchase alcohol. He quits the company after a meeting and gets more depressed. Finally he comes out of it and returns back to his original field Architecture!!! On day 488, after one of the interviews, he heads back to his favourite spot nad they where he meets Summer once again. Summer explains that Tom was right about True Love but was not right about her. Tom finally happy for Summer's life. On Day 500, Tom goes for an interview where he meets another girl who has applied for the same job. Tom asks her out for a coffee and she says yes!! Guess her name??? No, its not Summer but it is Autumn!!!

They would have finished the movie just after Summer left Tom in the park on day 488 but they made us care about what this Tom character would do at the end of the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Not everyone's love story end happily!!! :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Review - Alice In Wonderland

The movie Alice in Wonderland is different from the book. In the children's book by Lewis Carroll, Alice is a small girl who is bored and is often in a dream world. She dreams as if she is talking to her sister on a riverbank and notices a white rabbit and follows it. Then we know the story what happened. But in the movie, Alice is a 19-year-old and she has lost her father. People are insisting her to get married to Hamish - the son of her father's business partner. When Alice returns to Wonderland she has to accept the legend that she is person who slays the Jabberwocky on the Frabjous Day. She meets all her fantasy characters - The White rabbit, Dormouse, Dodo bird, Tweedles, Abosolomon(Caterpillar), Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter played by Jonny Depp. The Hatter explains Alice that after Alice had left Wonderland, the Red Queen had taken over Wonderland and banished the White Queen. So, Alice (as the White Queen is so kind and hates fighting) needs to fight against the Red Queen and kill the Jabberwocky.

Alice in Wonderland is my cup of tea. With all those talking animals, queens and to add the 3D factor was great. The Red queen's character is funny even thou she is evil - using the pigs as the footrests, hangs out people who are different like her, plays crochet using a hedgedog as a ball and the one where she tries out the hats made by Hatter. If anyone is wondering who the Red Queen(Helena Bonham Carter) character is, she is none other than Bellatrix from HP. Anne Hathaway has overreacted in some scenes and in most she stuck to her gracious queen character. The scene where the White Queen(Anne Hathaway) prepares a portion for Alice to shrink was yukky. I loved the Hatter character maybe because it was played by Jonny Depp and his Fudderwupping dance at the end.

People who love animation and 3D movies, it is a must watch for you all!!!