Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Once upon a time!!!!

One of my colleague cum friend was planning to leave the company as he had a better offer. Since I am called as Database(know it all), he came to me to ask if I knew how to create the Separation from the company request. Well, I knew the link but I have not opened the link as I didn't get the need yet. S0, I thought I will do some digging about it and opened the page. It asked for the credentials and I entered my intranet user-id and password to show him how to do. Well, it being the first time for both of us, we were exploring some options there. We forgot that login was mine and gave the request for the separation from my ID!!!! :( :( It struck me only when I had hit the submit button. That too I had submitted the separation requesting for 0 days notice period. Imagine how it would have been for me?!?!?!?

I immediately got a mail saying that it has been approved by the HR. One of the project manager(since my manager was on a half day leave) took my ID card and I was chased out of the building. :( :( I was really petrified to come out of the office without having another job in my hand. On the way home, I tried to concentrate on how to proceed but couldn't hold my thoughts together. After reaching home, I called one of ex-colleague who was working in another company to ask him about openings there. He told me that there was a walk-in going for my experience level and I could come anytime. I was thrilled to hear this and at the same time scared as I had not prepared my CV also because I had no intention of my leaving the company.

On the way to the browsing center, I got a call from old company's manager. He had called me to ask why I was not in office. I explained him what had happened and how the HR had approved my separation. He told me that he had rejected the separation after hearing the story from my colleague and I can come to office. I was very happy to hear and went to office. I forgot that I don't have my ID card and somehow managed to get a temporary ID card from access.

As days went by, I pretty much forgot about this incident and worked as usual. The most awaited this year's rating was to be shared and I was excited as I had worked pretty hard. My Manager called me to discuss it and I was told that I didn't get the top rating because of "THE SEPARATION INCIDENT" even though I had worked hard. :-( :-(

I woke up only to realize that it was only a dream and I was very much relieved!!!