Sunday, July 15, 2012

Trip to Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center

Cheste explaining his series of Unfortunate Events
Our team in Front of the mall
Prototype of the mall
As the Day 2 of our #ibmcsc dawns, we had more IBMers arrived in the morning and caught up with everyone. Liza from CDS, Gustavo, Karla and Chester. After the breakfast, we decided to go around the city at 11.30. That is when I happened to hear the 'the series of unfortunate events' that happened to Chester. First event - Lost story short: He was not able to get his visa as the Kazakhstan embassy was not present in Philippines and he had to travel to Malaysia in the last minute to get his visa. The second Event - The car that had to pick him up from Almaty for the layover didn't turn up. He waited for about an hour and took a cab by his own and ended up paying 10000 KZT. The Third Event - His room was not booked and after a set of calls, it was booked where he rested for about two hours. The Fourth Event - In the Almaty airport, they didn't give him the boarding pass as they wanted the credit card or a credit card copy that was used to book the tickets. He tried explaining about it but they couldn't understand English and after a set of calls, he was given a boarding pass. That ends the events for now, will keep you updated on further events.

So, after hearing the 'story' we all started to the mall. For me, this city is not a developing city at all. When someone sees the architecture, we would definitely change our perspective about the city. The city itself is newly built and all the buildings must about 1 to 10 years old. For instance, the mall was opened only on July 2010 and it is in the shape of a giant tent. As the name Khan-Shatyr itself means Royal Marquee which was the ancient type of house. It is also the highest tensile structure in the world.

Where was I?!?! Oh, ya. We went to this mall and had some wonderful time there. There were few rides inside the mall and we tried one - Load and Reload. Some of us tried and had some nice fun. :-) When I was a school kid and when I see a foreigner, I used to take pics with them. The same happened for me as well. We were approached by a family to take a pic along with them. It seems because we were from India. There was a Sky beach club in the mall which had a beach setup, gym, swimming pool, spa and a jogging track. The original price for a day is 62$, Liza was able to get some corporate discount and for us it is only 25$. Not sure how many of us will be using it but it was quite a discount.We had our lunch at the food court in the mall. There was KFC, Pizza to name a few. Word of the Day - Cheese is called as syr in Russian.

Thats Ben with hands and legs in the air :-)
Traditional Kazakh Dress

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