Sunday, June 17, 2012


I really wanted to do something outdoors and so I registered for  CTC - Chennai Trekking Club about a month back. I started getting mailers about the treks, cycling, mid sea dives and so on. About 10 days back, I got a mailer about Zumba class. When I heard the word Zumba, I immediately remembered - Zumbale Zumbale zumakku zumma. :-) Now, this was something different - a dance class which was also a fitness class. I forwarded it to my friend Vidya and she too was interested. Both of us registered for this class. This was the first time for both of us when it comes to any outdoor activity. We were so excited about it when we got the confirmation mail from Aishwarya - the organizer.

On Saturday-16th, both of us got ready in tracks and headed for the Miss Fit center in Choolaimedu for 11 to 12 Session. We reached pretty early and was waiting for the rest of the party to reach. We had 3 trainers and among them, Senthil was a certified Zumba Trainer. Our class started with some warm-ups followed by Zumba steps with some nice heavy music. As Aishwarya had said in the mail, Zumba didn't require any previous experience with dance and also the fitness level or age didn't matter. All the ladies had enjoyed to the core along with shedding some calories in the next one hour. I am pretty sure that if you ask me to workout or walk for an hour, I wouldn't do it. It would be too boring. But Zumba was something different. At the end of the session, all of us surely lost some calories! :-) Aishwarya said that she will make sure to have more Zumba sessions in days to come. After meeting some new faces and saying byes, Vidya and I left the center at around 12:15, had a nice lunch at Saravana Bhavan and returned home.


GinGBoY said...

Last line should have been like this!!! Earned double the calories at Saravana Bhavan which is lost in Zumba !!!

ரெஜோ said...

//, had a nice lunch at Saravana Bhavan //

மெதுவடையும் கெட்டிச் சட்னியும் வச்சாளா !!!!

Sara's World said...

@ GinGBoY & Rejo - ore oru dosai than. So, no problem.. :D

Kutty said...

Zumba......Zimpalakadi Bamba;

Saran , Enanyum kootituppoa kootituppoa