Tuesday, June 12, 2012

30 days to go!

30 days to go for my Corporate Service Corps - CSC trip. To those who all wonder what CSC is - It is like a Business version of Peace Corps which was started by IBM in 2008. This Program helps to develop the leadership skills of IBMers while addressing the socio-economic challenges faced by the emerging markets.

It all started last April, when we got a notification to apply for the CSC program. Like many others, I also applied for this initiative which had few questions along with essay writing also. I was eagerly waiting for the results because it was such a big thing to me. I had been waiting for 2 years to apply for CSC as there were some prerequisite to apply. I felt that I could contribute my skills in this program as well as learn a lot new skills and improve my expertise through CSC. Finally after a month and half waiting, I received a note that I have been selected for the CSC program. The waiting is not over yet. Now, I had to wait for a mail which will inform me about the location and my travel dates. My waiting was finally answered on 1st March 2012 that I have been assigned to Kazakhstan Team and I will be away for a month from July 12th.

My next few blogs will be about my preparatory work about CSC and also i will introduce my CSC fellows #ibmcsc :-)


Adithiya Selvaraj said...

Wow.. :) Kalakunga Saranya... ;)

ரெஜோ said...

All the best Sara :-)

Sara's World said...

Thanks Adithi and Rejo!! :-)

rajesh said...

Things to do at Kazakhstan

Sara's World said...

Thanks for the tips Rajesh. Will definitely visit few places. :)