Friday, June 29, 2012

The Team

I have exactly 12 days for my departure to Astana for #ibmcsc Kazakhstan. I am so excited about the entire trip and meeting my team for the first time there. The only means of contact is the weekly call we have now for the past 3 months chaired by Keith - our Mentor. As promised, I will introduce the Kazakhstan 2 Team and also mention some of their hobbies, fun facts and also their labels.

Divya, The Exuberant Voyager is from Bangalore has visited about half a dozen countries and is also into Scuba diving. Our Curious Scanner Gustavo is from Lima, who likes to play football has been to Berlin for FIFA finals in 2006 and also walked to the top of Machu Picchu. Yuji – Attentive Listener plays French horn in orchestras and loves skiing is from Tokyo. Divya, Gustavo and Yuji will be working with Kaznexinvest.

From Sydney, we have Belinda who likes traveling, cooking, reading. Brad
is also a certified Scuba diver, our Gadget guy from Ohio and he is about to visit his 12th country. Zippi Sara likes to take road trips, is from Chennai and that's me. Atameken is our client NGO.

From Philippines, we have a celebrated Child Star, Chester - "Jack of all trades" as per our team label loves to sing, travel and eat.  Karla - traveling Kiwi likes playing netball, gardening, reading and traveling of course is from Wellington. Siew Yin – “Left Brain Thinker” from Kuala Lumpur plays golf and is also passionate about traveling and exploring new places. Optimism Incarnate Vishal, always looks at the good side of everything is from Bangalore. He loves cricket and live music. The client for Chester, Karla, Siew Yin and Vishal is Kazakehenroeksperitza (Central Asia Energy Efficiency Program)

Our Positive Attitude and Adventurous Srinath from Bangalore likes to play cricket and loves to dance. Tanner - Deeper Thinker likes to spend time outdoors like hiking, hunting and working in his backyard is a pescatarian from North Carolina. Srinath and Tanner's client is Legal Media Center.

My next blog would be about Astana! :-)


ரெஜோ said...

Wish u all the best and have a wonderful trip :-)

Adithiya Selvaraj said...

Enjoy Karo Guru Ji.. :)

Gustavo Pinedo said...

See you in Astana Saranya!!