Friday, August 13, 2010

Memories - A time machine back to Hostel Days

I wanted to post this Blog on August 4th - First day of my College but wasnt able to publish because of my Project deliverable.

Life gives us brief moments with another. But sometimes in those brief moment we get memories that last a life time. This blog is nothing but to share the sweet old Memories of my College days which mostly covers my hostel days.

First Year

I was really mad at my brother for choosing NITT(RECT) over Anna University as I thought I would spend all my 4 years with him. Yes, he is a Lecturer in Anna University. Little did I know that I am in place which is going to be the BEST part of my entire life. So, there I was as a NITTian in Civil Engg department. I still remember the day when my mom left me in hostel and she was all in tears. I was consoling my mom that I will take care of myself and I am grown up to take care of me. Well, the moment she was out of site, I was in tears. Then I spent the first night in hostel memorizing the names, departments and places of my batch girls. Found that there were 2 more girls from my place.

First day to College - Aug 4th, 2003. All the girls from Opal C Block (our hostel)started towards the ADMIN block around 10 AM and we had the classes scheduled at 10:30 on the first day. We were all dressed up in nice simple salwars, dupatta pinned on both the sides and wore bathroom slippers. Everyone of us were that simple :D Hope the readers can understand that this is the code for the first years.

Well, I was put up in B1 section and my first class was maths by Alphonse sir followed by English class by Banumathi mam. I had my first ragging session during my lunch. Well, that was really scary but as days passed the ragging sessions were so funny. I still sing 'Mary had a little lamp' in Tamil - Thanks to Bindhya for the translation. The Freshie was really awesome and the movie was Thiruda thirudi but I missed that as I had some important personal work and had to travel to my home. I still regret for not being there for freshie but family comes first. Then came the semesters and as usual I was happy for the GPA I had got. I was very happy that I am going to be in home for a long period. :-) I met my Best Friend in my first year. We also had Section Damaka - Inter-section Competition. We had the Opal day celebrations and the Opal day movie was Udhaya.

Second Year

Now that we have moved Opal A block, I was in Room number 94 with Archana and Banu. We were 10 girls in our Civil Department. The Kodaikanal Survey trip was the most memorable trip till date. It was a 3 days trip - 2 days in Kodaikanal and 1 day to Madurai Vaigai Dam. We also went to the Dalmia Cement factory for Industrail Visit. This year,the Freshie and the Opal Day movies were M.Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi and Thirupachi. The other Memorable event was the IPT I did - One was in TWAD Board, Salem where we were shown the water treatment plant in Mettur Dam, well it was a mini amusement park and some more places around Cavery River and another one was in Chennai Port Trust, where we explored Chennai a bit and got into all types boats present in Habour. We had the Hostel elections - Kalai was the Hostel Rep and I ended up as the Mess Rep. Talking about the mess, well can anyone forget the Vada akka. I remember Aishu shouting, akka vada venum!!! :D Dog rice, potato chips on the weekends, cutlets, lime juice and Breads for breakfast!!! Uff.. Good old mess :)

Third Year

I remember the days I used to take one of my friend doubles in Cycle throughout the college. I know bunking classes is not big achievement but bunked a Cycle test to confirm the Hall in Hotel Jennys for Anti Freshie he..he... Talking about Anti Freshie, we were about to go on a strike in the college because of some ragging complaints. I got a computer and I just love the night outs we put for watching movies. That was the year I got introduced to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, thanks to Lavanya. :-) I must have watched all the movies twice or thrice because people watch the movies in batches. The CPC exams and the mock interviews and GDs were very scary and all of us managed to pass the CPC exams. :-) Festember, Pragyan and NITTEST were great as usual. One of the unusual part was that a Pyscho entered the first years hostel and it was during the sem exams and thank God he was finally caught. Our Antifreshie and Opal day movie was Ghajini and Kalaba Kadhalan. We got a Opal Day Tshirt as well this year designed by one of our opalites with a logo on it.

Final Year

The period between the third year and final year was awesome. Most of the final years were in Block C as renovation work was going on in Block A and I was put up in room 333 along with 5 of my friends. The placement days were thrilling and most of us were haunted during these days. July 14, the day I got placed in IBM - My Dream Company. Our girls batch has 100% placement thanks to our CIC reps. :-) Most of us minimized our trips to home and spent most of the days in hostel chatting, watching movies and of course not studying. The new year eve celebrations and our trip to Thanjavur on New Year were great. How would anyone forget the 100th day Celebration which is nothing but the count down to our last day in college - The Mermaid, dance, make up in different costumes and the cake cutting, well we enjoyed thoroughly. Pragyan was yet another important event in our college and it was great! NITTFest was really awesome and since it was the last Nittfest for us, we were very senti about it and most of us gave our best shot in competitions. Our Civil trip to Cochin & Vegaland and our Opal trip to Yercaud was awesome. Our AntiFreshie and Opal day movie for this year was Sillunu oru Kadhal and Unnale Unnale. Opal day celebrations were great as usual, we got a tug of war and cricket competitions for the opal day. :-) My room eventually became the theater for watching all movies and my dear friends forgot that it was a computer and called it as a TV.

As all the exams were completed, my friends started leaving one by one. The leaving part was not most sad part but we still knew that distance will never be a matter to us. My Mom and bro came to pick me up from hostel and that's the end of my college life. The best part of my hostel life was there was no different gangs and no gang fights which was present in other batches. We still share everything to the entire Opal community and thanks to technology which helps us to stay together.

The best things in life is friends, dreams and memories and we get these most during our College life. They are so many people who come into our live but only few will leave memories which can be cherished life long. I like to convey that Opalites, you girls mean a lot to me.


Snowdrop said...

Lovely post!!!Vada akka, fighting in TV room, assembling at mess sharp at 4/7 for snacks/dinner during Exam time, roll call, coffee vending machine, saranya room,never visited library,A2 hall,barn ,endless chats sitting on dais, frndship day celeb, holi celeb in hostel and getting "paattu" from warden for emptying tank , nitfest prac ,SC..its a never ending list. IT WAS HEAVEN!:) :)I am sure you would have had memories flashing in your head when reading this!!

Sara's World said...

Thanks for adding unsaid stuffs. Lets not forget the washing machine :P which we never used. :)

Snowdrop said...

hehe.. how could they expect that one machine wud be sufficient for 50 ppl !! Poor thing it died!! :P

Inspired Souls said...

Good one Saranya!! but i thought you would have done more adventures than this; i mean escaping from hostels; n all.. tell us everything plz .. keep rockin

Sara's World said...

@ Inspired soul - Well, I have not escaped hostel at all..

munpani said...

Awesome post de saranya!!! I cud feel everything once again as i read along, thanks to u..:)

Vidya said...

It's really Good one dear !!!! Nice Post to recollect all the good memories :):) Keep blogging. Expecting more from you.

melbournemangai said...

Aaahaa ippadi dialogue laam publicise pannitiye maaa...;-) Anyway it was so nostalgic reading this post!
Good times!

Sara's World said...

@Aishu - Yep, good old times :)