Thursday, November 25, 2010

A thought to Ponder!

Most of the girls wait for a Prince to come and rescue us from a tower or from a dragon or from a witch. Leave out the prince for that matter, is there anyone out to save us?? The only person to save us is us. From what we hear from news and papers, sometime or most of the time, we have to save us from the entire community. I am not only talking about the teenage girls or adults but also kids. Yes, I am talking about the Child abuse. We always hear stories from our friends and colleagues about child abuse but in some cases, where the victim will be our friend or the colleague who has suffered it.

Recently, I saw a video of Dr. Sunitha Krishnan in TED-India 2009 show which was really painful. It was really a pain to see the kids at the age of 3/4 are being sold. I was wondering how any parent can be so heartless to do such a thing to their children. The other shocking factor was, it was not only a father who does, but at times mothers also sell their kids. Why do they give birth in the first place if they are so heartless. There was an article which said some idiotic father in Mumbai raped his own daughter. I felt like I could kill this guy. Child Abuse is not like it happens in a different state or country. It might even happen in your street or in your family. This person need not necessarily be someone outside your house. I am not pointing that all the guys are the same, there are few exceptional characters.

Its really great to see women like Sunitha, Oprah have come out in flying colours even after what has happened to them. Hats off Ladies!!!

What are we going to do to stop child abuse? Or are we going to do anything at all in the first place?


Banupriya said...

Nice Post Saranya.. We can educate and make them literate to avoid child abuse and let us all join hands together to uplift the spirits of victims.

Snowdrop said...

Good one di.. I read in some magazine that only way to stop this is that parents should talk to their children to create awareness and help them understand the difference between good and bad!

Sara's World said...

Thanks Banu and Subbu.. Hope we do it in our generation atleast..